California Getaway

Oakland is my second favorite California getaway. I also love the architecture of the old, historic district. Personally, I never saw what folks saw in San Francisco compared to Oakland. I think Oakland has the better view of the ocean, better eating, and better sports. I’m a huge Raiders and A’s fan to this day because of how near Oakland is to my heart.

Deciding where to go

When I was growing up, my family and I would argue every summer over where we wanted to go. My siblings and I loved Oakland. Mom wanted to go to Sonoma Valley. Dad always wanted to go to Las Vegas. So we took turns. My favorite of the three actually turned out to be Vegas. I was enamored by the lights and, when I was old enough, I went back to play some blackjack.

This isn’t one of those stories that end with, “...and then I won a million dollars.” I almost broke even, which isn’t too bad for a first timer. Now I live in New Jersey and I still think of Vegas when I’m playing online blackjack. I followed the tips I found online and then improved my game a lot. Sometimes I play free online casino games in demo mode, just as a game. Other times I put some money in and think back to that first trip I took with the family to Las Vegas.

5 Dec 2019